Author: Gogarten, J. Peter

Lecture #8 03/31/2014 and homework assignment for 4/7

pptx slides for lecture are at MCB5472_lecture_03_31_2014 (links only work, if you are in presentation mode)

Slides of what we actually covered are at MCB5472_lecture_03_31_2014 short

pdf summary is at MCB5472_lecture_03_31_2014.pptx

Homework for next week is on slide 73 or at Homework for 4_6

Sample scripts for oligos scanning are at Homework_for_3_31  : scans genome and lists tetramers (both to table and screen) scans genome and lists n-mers (n-mer size specified in script) scans genome and lists n-mers and calls an R-script that produces a histogram
histogramScript_pdf.R: R script that produces histogram from a list of numbers and also compares the observed frequency to the frequency expected under a normal distribution. Documentation in histogramScript.R.read_me.doc