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Student presentations 1-7


Lecture for 4/21/2014

LRT, supertrees vs supermatrix, gene families, and sign-up sheet for student presentations.

powerpoint slides are at MCB5472_lecture_04_21_2014.pptx
pdf summary at MCB5472_lecture_04_21_2014.pdf


Computerlab Exercise #11

MCB5472 Comp Lab 11

Lecture #10 from 4/14/2014 on types of selection

Powerpoint slides are at MCB5472_lecture_04_14_2014.pptx

PDF of overview slides are at MCB5472_lecture_04_14_2014.pdf

Computer lab exercise #10

Instructions for today’s lab are at MCB5472_computer_lab_10.


Lecture #9 04/07/2014 and homework assignment for 4/14

Topic: extracting phylogenetic information, mechanisms of evolution, and types of selection

pptx slides for lecture #9 are at MCB5472_lecture_04_7_2014.

pdf summary slides are at MCB5472_lecture_04_7_2014

Computerlab exercises #9

Computer Lab Exercises #9

For slides with background information see MCB5472_lab_04_02_2014


Lecture #8 03/31/2014 and homework assignment for 4/7

pptx slides for lecture are at MCB5472_lecture_03_31_2014 (links only work, if you are in presentation mode)

Slides of what we actually covered are at MCB5472_lecture_03_31_2014 short

pdf summary is at MCB5472_lecture_03_31_2014.pptx

Homework for next week is on slide 73 or at Homework for 4_6

Sample scripts for oligos scanning are at Homework_for_3_31  : scans genome and lists tetramers (both to table and screen) scans genome and lists n-mers (n-mer size specified in script) scans genome and lists n-mers and calls an R-script that produces a histogram
histogramScript_pdf.R: R script that produces histogram from a list of numbers and also compares the observed frequency to the frequency expected under a normal distribution. Documentation in histogramScript.R.read_me.doc



Computer Lab #8

Slides with comments and instructions in powerpoint format are at MCB5472_lecture_3_26 and in pdf format (some link will not work) are at MCB5472_lecture_3_26.

Please send scripts and figures for the in class assignment (ZIP archive of script and figures as jpg, png or excel file) to  Please indicate the genome you used to create the figures.


Assignment #9 (homework)

Assignment9 (pptx slides).

Please email answers to before class on Monday.